Feb 7, 2010

NBC Honors Black History Month

It's called Projection.  In Psychology 101 students learn that people often "project" their thoughts and motives on other people.  Without empirical evidence to back up their opinion, people tend to believe that everyone else thinks about things the same way that they do.  This is a mistake, especially when you are dealing with people from completely different back grounds.  Look at the election of Barack Obama, the entire electorate projected their hopes and dreams on an unqualified and undefined candidate, they are now feeling quite betrayed because he is not who they thought he was.

Cultural influence determines in large part our patterns of behavior and thought processes.  It is a mistake for me to assume that a 16 year old Mexican boy thinks about the world the same way that I do.  It is equally erroneous to assume my neighbor views the world the same way that I do just because we reside near each other.  Diplomats have extensive training in this regard, because you can not project in negotiation and diplomacy.  International business is another area where one must be very careful not to assume that others think and feel the same way that you do about an issue.  Journalism is also a career where projection must be kept at bay and sadly this discipline has been largely lost in recent years.

You often hear about Projection as it pertains to assuming others have the same negative personality flaws.  We see this in an adulterer, who accuses his faithful spouse of cheating; or the office thief who thinks everyone else is stealing the coffee, toilet paper, and thumb tacks.  I believe in large part those that cry racism are largely projecting their own twisted thinking onto their supposed enemies.  They do this to hide and deflect their own motivations.  It truly is Psych 101.

Thus, behold, the evidence of the left in this regard.  They cry racism from the roof tops, but merely are yelling at the mirror in front of them.  Recent blatant examples of Liberal racism - Jimmy Carter referring to Barack Obama as a "Black Boy".  Harry Reid's infamous light skinned without the Negro dialect comment.  Robert Byrd's association with the KKK and his use of the term "white N-----".  Bill Clinton's statement that Barack Obama would have been waiting on him a few decades ago.  Joe Biden's description of Obama as "clean".  Even Jesse Jackson's "Hymietown" description of Jewish NYC show the deep seated racism in the liberal ranks.  It goes on and on.

Modern day television "journalism" has no more blatant example the the General Electric Company's NBC. This bastion of uber liberal left wing propaganda is the proud home of the thrill running up his leg, I forgot he was black, Obama worshiper Chris Matthews. These self proclaimed enlightened folks disparage the regular folks as "Tea Baggers" and without a shred of evidence depict them as racially motivated hate mobs who are simply missing their white sheets and burning crosses.  The "post racial" cultural elites decry the perceived racism of their opponents and it is merely a reflection of their own sick and corrupted hearts.  I give you NBC's honor of Black History Month:

 WOW!  Truly, don't you think its great that blacks will at last be able to sit at the lunch counter?  I wonder, if Black History month was in the summer, would they have included Watermelon on this menu?