Mar 23, 2011

The Garbage Truck

Abigail and Dolley readers I have to admit to you that this season in my life has been difficult. I've tried to keep busy but at times, I am so restless I could jump right out of my skin.  So I walk, far and long.  I talk to God and hash out all that has happened until it makes sense and I can file it away.

Today, my husband joined me on my walk.  It was a glorious Spring day in the Carolinas.  The trees were blooming, the breeze was gentle, and the tulips, pansies, and azaleas made it look like an Easter basket.  The sky was perfectly blue and the morning air was brisk but warm.  The exercise was nice, not too vigorous but enough to get my heart pumping.  We kept up a running dialogue, speaking of nothing in particular.  We enjoyed each others company and the beautiful day.

My Front Bed
About halfway through the walk, our peace was interrupted. It was garbage day and up behind us came the garbage truck.  It moved about as fast as we did and pulled along beside us.  It was loud and its breaks squealed with every stop.  It stunk of garbage and exhaust fumes.  We could no longer talk, we no longer enjoyed the day, our whole world had been overwhelmed by this intrusion.  We looked at each other and said, if the truck is going straight we are turning left up here to get away from it and we did.

Afterward, it occurred to me that the garbage truck was much like the enemy of our soul.  He plops right down in the middle of God's creation.  He ruins our lovely talk with our spouse and we loose sight of everything else.  The screeching and the stench are overwhelming.  We can not see the beauty around us, we can not carry on a conversation that doesn't involve or become influenced by the garbage truck, our lives have been invaded.  What we often fail to realize is that if the garbage truck is removed we can regain our peace.  It was still pretty outside and I was still with the love of my life, I just couldn't concentrate on those things with the garbage truck beside me.

We have to learn to turn away from the garbage truck, to back track, to run ahead, to veer to the right.  As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we hold spiritual authority over the garbage trucks in our lives and we need to remember that. We need to remember that there is a spiritual element in our lives and some of those things are garbage trucks.  Not everything spiritual is good.  The Word says the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Do not be naive for we struggle against wickedness in high places.

If you are struggling, then do something about it.  Fast and pray, put on the whole armor of God.  Pray to the Lord that He removes the garbage truck from your life and He will.  He bought victory at Calvary through His blood, He has already won, you have to ask.  It probably won't fix everything, it isn't a magic bullet but without the garbage truck you can once again see God's beautiful creation and appreciate all the wonderful things in your life that you have been missing out on.  Remember, there are still flowers.

Pink Azaleas