May 2, 2009

Tea Partiers - The New Terrorists?

I am a Tea Partier. According to most of the main stream media, I am at best a misguided idiot and at worst an uneducated racist. The new head of the Homeland Security has warned police about me. I understand their cause for concern. If I was them I would be afraid, too. Because I am none of the things they have characterized me as. I am a Patriot, I am a Wife, I am a Mother, I am a Christ Follower, I am a Business Woman, I am a Big Sister, I am a Good Friend, and I am Fed up. I have sat quietly by; working since I was 16.
I am not a consumer of government services. I drive on the roads and have my trash picked up. I never had a grant or a student loan - I waited tables to put myself through college. I graduated in 4 years and went to work and excelled in a profession for the last 19 years. I just shut up, go to work, raise my family, pay my taxes, and generally mind my own business.

Not anymore - I am exasperated at the creation of the Nanny State. I am sick of "In Your Face Spending", I am tired of regulations, barriers, and contradictory guidelines by the dozens of government agencies that I must tap dance around to do an honest days work.

So I will Party on a regular basis. And honestly folks, it is not as if I have a lot of free time - but this is important. This is bigger than me. My country is heading for a precipice to which there may not be a return; I can not tell my Grandchildren that I sat back and did nothing. In the end, you have to decide what you are going to stand for, and fight for, and die for; I like my name sake, will choose Liberty.