May 24, 2010

Dolley - The Gardener

We have been in our home 10 years this summer.  I am feeling every bit of it as I look out over my yard.  Things that were intended for the sun are long and leggy struggling for light under the deep umbrella of shade a very tall tree that was merely a whip when we put it in the year my son was born.  There are remnants of past plantings where one of a grouping outlasts its other four companions, stubbornly clinging to life in spite of the demise of its original companions. It always makes me wonder what made that plant survive while the others did not make it. It is not like my garden is an inhospitable place for plants, quite the contrary, but vegetation does not live forever and perennial does not translate to permanent.

Nothing has taught me more about seasons of life, being happy where you are, and planning for the future more than "digging in the dirt".  A gardener learns to accept the way things are right now and appreciate the good things, while making plans for the future.  If I only loved my garden, "When it is finished", I would never like it, because it is never finished.  There is ALWAYS something to do in the garden, I could piddle from sun up to sun down and have for several weeks.

Other times, I can not be bothered with it.  One summer it went to weeds and when I say weeds, I mean big old weeds.  Some taller than me.  It was an absolute disaster.  I was sick and could not work up the energy to tackle it and it progressed in gruesome awesomeness for an entire summer.  When I finally cleaned it out, it took two weekends.  The garden suffered for several years with a weed problem, so my summer of neglect had long term consequences.

This season of my life has been busier than most.  When I gave an honest answer to the question, "What's been going on with you lately?" the listener got tired merely listening to the hectic schedule.  So I am occupying my down time doing one of my favorite things on earth, digging in the dirt.

I'll be back soon, I promise, but for now, don't bother ringing the bell, I'm around back.