Aug 8, 2009

The Angry Mob

Leaving work the other day, because you know I am one of those pesky tax paying Americans, I stopped in the lobby to say goodnight to my assistant. On the TV, Glenn Beck was playing the DNC video of the Town Hall citizens and calling them a GOP orchestrated mob. Folks, I mean to tell you, I lost my religion. I don't know if I can accurately convey to you what was going on in my spirit. Perhaps disbelief, anger, outrage, a sense of awe at the political strategy (because to a certain degree it is very successful), frustration, and a sense that this was one of the crookedest and dirtiest political ploys I had ever seen. What makes this all the more remarkable is that while it wears the veil of attacking the Republican Party, it is an attack on Americans. In a sane world, this will backfire on the DNC jackasses, but I have little faith that we are living in a sane world any longer. Although, the engagement of the American People has given me hope and not the Obama kind.