Apr 9, 2010

Politics Free Week

Abigail and Dolley readers, it started as a notion on Saturday afternoon - no news or politics through the Easter holiday. There truly is on so much angst a person can stand before they step away. You see I am blessed with the gift of empathy, which is a double edged sword in many cases. I feel things.  Thus, on Monday morning when I looked at the news and started following the links my friends posted I found I was not ready to go back. I am therefore, extending my "news free zone" for the remainder of the week.

I sit now with my laptop on a pillow lounging in a king sized bed with the light of my eyes reading a book about a Cyclops and a Lightening Thief beside me. Out the sliding glass door, I see the ocean and hear the waves crash into the shore. The sea gulls are screeching and there is a child laughing and running toward the water with his harried mother chasing after him. The sky is a slate gray, but I can see patches of sunlight breaking through the clouds and reflecting off the calm water.  The wind has slackened and the palm trees are no longer thrashing.  The air holds the promise of a beautiful day and there is a patch of unmarred sand down there that will hold the footprints of the run I am about to undertake.

Chapter 8 of my novel is minimized at the bottom of the screen.  The characters are coming to life and I am intrigued by them; peeling back the layers and getting to know them.  I hope I will be able to share this with others one day, but for now, like a new love it is private, secret, and wonderful.  Today, I am going to simply take pleasure in the creation of it.

I will not let the nastiness of the world in today. Today I will savor my life, my family, and my favorite place on Earth, the beach. Thank you all for visiting, reading, and commenting on this blog. May the Peace of God settle upon you today and may He bless you as fully as He has me today.