Apr 17, 2010

Writing a Book

Abigail and Dolley readers you all may have noticed a lessening of posts and original commentary.  There is a reason for that.... I am writing a novel and find that all of my creative energy and time are going toward that endeavor.  I have been an avid reader since I was 6 years old and have attempted over the years to pen at least 4 novels, I have never finished one.  This one is different, this one is working and I am enjoying the process more than I can convey.

I have also determined that the ugliness of the world and the angst I feel because of our current political climate sucks the creative life out of me.  It is hard to write about love when your gut is churning over the destruction of your beloved country.  So I am going into somewhat of a hibernation to finish this work, it is important to me.

Thanks for reading and following this blog - as the inspiration strikes, I will keep posting because I know I will not be able to be completely quiet!