Oct 30, 2010

The Toughest Women on the Planet - Conservative, Good Looking, Brunette Politicians

Abigail and Dolley readers I must confess and it is indeed a sad day.  I have determined I can never run for political office.  You see I am a conservative, good looking, brunette (CGLB) and they are not allowed to run for public office any longer.  While technically not illegal (yet) Bachmann, Palin, and O'Donnell serve as a stern and sobering warning for any CGLB who is considering public office.  You better be ready, Sister, because you will be attacked with the ferocity of conflagration.   

I have the added handicap of being nice and think of a good come back about an hour after someone insults me.  My Southern Accent used when inconveniently speaking my mind and telling the truth would be fresh meat to the slobbering hyenas of the Mocking Stream Media.  I would undoubtedly be destroyed.  I am an Evangelical Christian, who happens to believe in a CREATOR.  That immediately brands me a troglodyte.  My pastor preaches the unvarnished truth of the Gospel and says a lot of Politically incorrect things like Sin, Redemption, and Hell.  I am a believer in individual liberty and against violence towards children and women in all forms, which makes me an enemy of the "I want to kill your baby crowd".  I went to a (gasp) State school where I got B's, so I am obviously an idiot and not worthy to grace the halls of Congress with my superiors.  I am "in trade" as the English Aristocrats used to say while holding their noses.  I have not lived a perfect life. My biggest offense though, is that I am cute.