Feb 9, 2011

A Good Cat

Abigail and Dolley readers I learned 2/8 that my kitty cat has an inoperable cancer under the base of his tongue.  We gave him some inter-venous fluids and a shot of antibiotic just in case it was an infection and not the cancer the Vet suspects.  Today will be our last day with him, he can't eat and he can't drink much.  We won't let him suffer.

His name is Tiggamarroo and we got him about 6 weeks after moving in this house.  He's only 10 1/2, we figured he'd be around a lot longer.  He'll never reach old age, he'll never be frail, loud, and senile.  When my husband leaves here tomorrow with him he will be much like he's always been, sweet.  He's not got a mean bone in his body and tons of personality.

I figured such a good cat deserved a blog post.  Goodbye Tiggamarroo, you are a good cat.

Tiggamarroo in his Garden