Apr 20, 2011

No Freedom of Speech in the Scientific Community

Abigail and Dolley readers I have in recent months watched a couple documentaries that have concerned me greatly:  The Great Global Warming Swindle and Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed.  Both of these documentaries demonstrate that the Scientific Community is effectively silencing dissension on Evolution and Global Warming.  They are taking away the Freedom of Speech for thousands of scientists that question the validity of these theories.

Careers and lives are being ruined for straying from the party line, even slightly.  Mere mention of Intelligent Design can get you fired.  I would venture to say that since Climategate, the opponents of Global Warming are not in as much danger as they were before, but that is really beside the point.  Suppression of free speech in the scientific community hurts everyone.  If scientists are not free to evaluate the evidence truthfully then real break through is not possible.

Scientists that make discoveries that bolster the arguments of the "other" side are forced to come out publicly and refute their findings in order to save their careers.  A case in point is the discovery of plasma, red blood cells, and connective tissues in a dinosaur bone. (To watch the video, click here: T-Rex Blood Cells).  This discovery flies right in the face of the old earth evolutionist of which the scientist who discovered it belongs.  Instead of being free to consider the possibility that this dinosaur bone is hundreds or thousands of years old, the lady is publicly declaring from the rooftops that she STILL believes in evolution and just can't explain why the pesky facts don't fit into their theory.

There in lies the rub, the facts just don't add up.  When scientists are discovering things that refute the pet theories they are too afraid to publish them, so they are hidden and covered up.  I am not a conspiracy theorist but there is enough evidence out there to validate this point.  Today, there are thousands of gifted scientists that will look through their microscopes, look at their data, and marvel at their discoveries but will be too afraid to share these with the world for fear that their careers will be ruined.