Jul 30, 2011

If the Tea Party are Hobbits; John McCain is Saruman

So, according to John McCain, we in the Tea Party are Hobbits?  As a fan of the Lord of the Rings, I am not particularly disturbed to be called a Hobbit.  After all, the Hobbits were specifically suited for the task given to them; destroy evil where it lived.

They were cunning, kindhearted, and did not concern themselves with their their foreign neighbors (at least in the sense that they did not want to become embroiled in their internal machinations and squabbles).  Life in the Shire is ideal; they work hard, they enjoy food, and they socialize with great gusto.  They run their affairs quite well on their own.

Hobbits are small and particularly good at hiding, blending into the landscape, and going about their business whilst the Ringwraiths (Demons) stalk them.  The Hobbits are stalwart and show an incredible resistance to the power and lure of evil, a resistance that no one else on Middle Earth seems to possess.  They are doggedly determined in great conflict to see the thing done, even if it costs them their lives.  In the face of sure defeat, overwhelming odds, and incredible evil, they trudge forward.

Hobbits shake their head in disappointment at the news from Isengard (Washington DC) and the fall of their supposed ally (although they have NEVER liked or trusted him), Saruman (John McCain).  Saruman was not interested in doing the right thing, he was simply interested in retaining power.  He chooses sides not by what is right, but by who he thinks will win.  His resolve is weak and treacherous and he seeks to destroy those whose actions highlight his own failures.  Even in the end, when the great evil was defeated, Saruman sought to punish and scourge the Shire.  Saruman was not a good guy and neither is John McCain.

Lest John McCain forget, it was the Hobbits who brought down evil in Middle Earth and it was the Hobbits who ultimately destroyed Saruman and throw him out of the Shire.  The day may seem dark, evil may look as if it is winning, but the Hobbits have the ring and they aren't stopping until they hurl it into Mordor.  Saruman should have never made an enemy of the Hobbits.