Jul 6, 2013

Proper Sandwich Construction

Abigail and Dolley readers I make a mean sandwich, perhaps because when you get right down to it a sandwich is a wonderful meal.  I have several hard and fast rules that govern my splendid creations, here they are:

Mayo always goes on the bread; not on the meat and for the love of all that is good....
Mayo never, ever, ever touches the cheese
Tomato goes on the mayo and is then salt and peppered
Mustard hosts the pickle and the cheese
Mustard likes a good dose of pepper
Sandwiches should fit their bread and often benefit from being cut in half
Mustard, cheese, and meat go on the bottom
Mayo, tomato and lettuce on top
Pickles touching tomato make for a slippery sandwich
Choose your bread wisely, thinner is better.
So there you have it, basic sandwich construction rules.  Here's a zippy little sandwich I threw together today:

Turkey ala Abigail (ingredients in order of construction from top to bottom)

Lightly toasted wheat bread
Pepperoncini Mayo (mayo, pepper, pepperoncini brine; mixed together)
Thinly sliced tomato (seasoned with salt and pepper)
Sliced black olives (just a few or you will have a chive sandwich)
Chopped spring greens
Chopped chives
Thinly sliced avocado
Lightly toasted wheat bread