Mar 20, 2015

Beyond the Blood Moons - A Timeline for What is to Come

The Lord works in patterns, he holds to timelines, he is not random - from the foundations of creation his orderliness is observable.  From the precision math demonstrated in the perfect tilt of the earth, the perfect distance from the sun, the perfect size and orbit of the moon to the subatomic structures of all atoms - we see his hand.  He also does not operate in secret, a retrospective study of Scripture reveals that he has always told us what is to come, always.  There are types and shadows and prophetic warnings throughout Scripture that only a backward glance reveals their truth.  Since he is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow - it should come as no surprise that he has laid out for us the pattern and timing of his coming.

My long term readers will be familiar with my work on this subject, from the The Harbinger Continues, to the Blood Moons, to the Rosh Hashannah Rapture, to the Days of Awe, to the Convergence of Signs - I invite you to read and study those works for it will give you a foundation to understand the timeline of events that could manifest in our lifetimes.  Many of the items I am listing below completely fleshed out, sited, and backed up with Scriptures in the previous works.

The Prophet Daniel writes that 70 weeks are set aside for Israel.  All but one are fulfilled, one remains.  The last 7 years, the time of Jacob's trouble, the 70th week, the Tribulation - this event is foretold and set aside for the judgement of the nations and for the restoration of Israel.  The great and terrible time of the Lord and woe to the inhabitants of the Earth.  The 69th week ended when Messiah was cut off, the exact moment and hour that that occurred is obscured from history. - debate continues on exactly when that date occurred.

Careful study of the facts and dates indicate that Jesus was crucified somewhere between 27AD to 33AD.  The prophetic clock stopped - the time of Israel paused and the church age began.  What date would that have been?  Was it the moment that the Lord died and the temple curtain was torn?  How about when he was raised?  Could be when he Ascended to Heaven or even Pentecost?  Any time in that 40 days could be THE date when the clock stopped, I can not say for certain but I CAN tell you without a doubt that sometime in the future, on that day, the Jews will sign a peace treaty with Anti-Christ and the clock will start again.

We must also consider the cycle of the Sabbatical years, every 7 years and the Jubilee every 49 years.  It does not make sense for the Lord to start the Tribulation period outside of this cycle.  Jonathan Cahn has done excellent research on this phenomenon but he is not alone, many scholars have written extensively about this subject.  The weight of their research, biblical evidence and truth tells us that it is logical to conclude that the Tribulation will begin in the first year of a Sabbatical year.

In previous studies, we have looked at the Feast Days and how they fit into the coming of Christ - that the Spring Feasts were all fulfilled by Christ in his first coming and that it is reasonable to assume that the Fall Feasts will be fulfilled at the time of his Second Coming.  The next appointment on the calendar being Rosh Hashannah, the hidden day, the day that no man knows the hour or the day, the day of Trumpets, and the first day of the New Year.  Rosh Hashannah is type and shadow of a bridegroom coming to get his bride - a perfect day for the Rapture of the Church.

So how do we reconcile all of these seemingly disparate circumstance and days.  There is a gap of 6 months between the Fall Feast Days that have not been fulfilled and the start of the clock for the 70th week.  Many teachers incorrectly teach that the Tribulation time will start at the Rapture of the church but the bible clearly says that it starts when they sign the treaty.  It is entirely reasonable to conclude, that the Rapture of the church ushers in the Tribulation period but God has demonstrated before that there can be pauses in time - note in Daniel there is a pause between the time that the Israelites were released from Babylon and the order to rebuild the temple, this precedence seems to be at work here.

The Anti-Christ will not be in power when the Rapture happens - I believe the calamity that comes upon the Earth when the Rapture occurs is what ushers him into power, the Scripture agrees that the man of perdition will not be revealed until the great restrainer is removed.  Thus, events could easily unfold like this:

Anti-Christ comes on the scene
Ezekiel 38-39 war
Regathering of Israel and renewed call for a new temple
Anti-Christ comes to power
Israel signs the peace treaty with the Anti-Christ
The 70th week begins

To note, it is interesting that this fall we have:
The conclusion of the Sabbath year
The start of the Jubilee year and the next Jubilee cycle
The conclusion of the Blood Moon Tetrad
A solar eclipse on Rosh Hashanna
A full 49 years to the day (360 day prophetic year) from the recapture of Jerusalem to Yom Kippur

It is all quite compelling, isn't it?  Couple in the exceeding wickedness of the world, the increase in apostasy, the loss of respect that children have for their parents, evil reining unchecked, calls for one world government, disasters, wars, pestilence, famine, floods, meteors, asteroids, comets, groaning of the earth, aliens, sink holes, severe snow, drought, the increase in knowledge, the increase in technology, the race for artificial intelligence, satellites and spy equipment everywhere, the prophecy of the pope, the rise of the Illuminati and the Masons, the loss of discernment between right and wrong, between good and evil.  Open your eyes - He is coming.