Jun 27, 2015

Celebrating in the Rain

Abigail and Dolley readers my heart is broken.  Like the hearts of true believers we wept before the Lord yesterday after the latest SCOTUS rulings.  Evil declarations against the sovereignty of Israel, Obamacare, and the sanctity of marriage ooze from the court like ominous black slime that engulfs the land in sin.  The lost and deceived rejoice, thinking that their brokenness will at last be healed.  While the wicked rulers smirk with their smug minions that "they" have "won".  They are fools and will fall to the righteous judgement of the Almighty.

About 9:30 last evening, a powerful thunderstorm moved over my home.  I was drawn to watch.  I peered out the window but could not quite see, I the opened the door and was pelted with rain, so I went to the garage and opened the door.  Rushing water, reverberating thunder, and brilliant lightning greeted my weary soul.  I stood in the silence of the garage while the storm raged around me.

Pelting Rain in the Night
I was compelled to step outside but an invisible hand held me back, "No my child, you must not go into it.  You are safe and protected in here."  I was quiet and watched.  The rain came down in mighty sheets and the downspout quivered against the house as water spewed from it like a fire hose.  I could see the flashes of light but not the bolts; I wanted to SEE, so I moved to get a better look, and again I was brought back inside.  The rain splattered my bare feet and dirt and debris from the tumult splattered on my legs.  I fidgeted, the rain was not clean, my feet shifted and I sought to wipe them on the concrete but they picked up more small leaves and dirt.

Then I saw, "Lord, it's pouring rain outside and they are dancing in the streets.  I am standing here yelling at them that it is raining your wrath and they can not hear me.  My feet are splattered with filth but they are covered in it."

Celebrating in the Rain
Ruefully, I heard "Go inside now, they can't hear you."