Sep 1, 2015

30 Days of Birth Pangs - Day 18 Demonic Activity

Jesus said, "I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven." Luke 10:18 and "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly" John 10:10.

Be sober-minded; watch. Your adversary the devil prowls about as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, 1 Peter 5:8.

Revelation 12:12 ... But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”

Brothers and Sisters, the enemy does indeed know his time is short.  He was there when Adam fell, he knows when his lease on this planet is up, many believe the Scroll in the Seal Judgments (Revelation 5:9) is the very document.  Thus, if even we humans know the Devil's time is short, how much more does he?

As such, we can expect, from Scripture a heightened activity in the demonic realm as this age draws to a close.  One area in particular that has struck me is the number of demonic inspired "deliverance" that have been in the news recently.  Morgan Freeman's granddaughter was murdered by a man claiming to try and save her from a demon.  A Canadian man kills his ex-girlfriend claiming she was possessed by a demon.  A NC woman is arrested after police find her relative unconscious and her claiming to be a higher power who was performing a deliverance.  This is an every day occurrence these days.

Clear thinking, rational people recognize that the demons were possessing someone all right but in these cases it was the perpetrators, not the victims.   Before 2011, I would have scoffed at these murders; but I have an empathy and an understanding now.  Several times in the last few years, I have been horribly attacked, tormented, and oppressed.  The Lord has let Satan sift me like wheat.  It is only when I have come through the trial that I realize what it was and am restored.  I am always quite disappointed with myself for not having recognized what was wrong at the time, but the enemy is crafty and has been at this longer than I.  Furthermore, the Lord uses those times of fire to purify us, to teach us, and because He is sovereign He has His reasons and His purposes.  (John Eckhart of Charisma Magazine has a fantastic article on the subject that rang true to my experiences, if you are interested in the subject here is a link.)

What these highly publicized cases serve to do though, is cast a shadow over deliverance ministries and deliverance ministers.  People seeking help, relatives desperate for loved ones, will be less inclined to get the help they need and THAT serves the kingdom of darkness.  As the time of the end draws closer, the increase in demonic activity will manifest.  The veil between the natural and the supernatural becomes thinner by the day.

Lovers of Self - Day 1 - Rapture Index Score:  10 out of 10
Perplexities of Nations - Day 2 - Rapture Index Score:  8 out of 10
Mass Animal Deaths - Day 3 - Rapture Index Score:  7 out of 10
Revilers - Day 4 - Rapture Index Score:  8 out of 10
Signs in the Heavens - Day 5 - Rapture Index Score:  9 out of 10
Commotions - Day 6 - Rapture Index Score:  7 out of 10
Scoffers - Day 7 - Rapture Index Score:  10 of 1
Vexed Souls - Day 8 - Rapture Index Score:  10 of 10
Greed -Day 9 - Rapture Index Score:  8 of 10
Famine - Day 10 - Rapture Index Score:  8 of 10
Itching Ears- Day 11 - Rapture Index Score:  10 of 10
Rushing to and fro - Day 12 - Rapture Index Score: 10 of 10
Blind Eyes and Hard Hearts - Day 13 - Rapture Index Score:  9 of 10
Brutal Men - Day 14 - Rapture Index Score:  8 of 10
Wars and Rumors of Wars - Day 15 - Rapture Index Score:  9 of 10
Boasters - Day 16 - Rapture Index Score:  9 of 10
Messianic Jews - Day 17 - Rapture Index Score:  7 of 10
Demonic Activity - Day 18 - Rapture Index Score:  8 of 10
Total to date:  155 out of 180 or 86.11%

Never doubt that demons are real...