Dec 30, 2015

Do Not Accept a Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia!

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are western medical Greek terms for "We don't have any clue what is wrong with you."  They are a catch all bogus diagnosis for baffling and shifting symptoms that defy western medicine tests, charts and treatments.  Are they real?  Of course they are, but it simply means you or your loved one have underlying health issues that have to be addressed.  Instead of looking for those, Western medical professionals do what they've been taught, they write prescriptions for the symptoms.  The patients don't get better but the pharmaceutical companies get new customers.  
For the record, while I am a proponent of natural healing, western medicine has its place.  It is filled with wonderful compassionate practitioners.  They selflessly give of their time, talent and their hearts to help patients.  Many feel helpless in the face of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, it is not so much that they do not want to help as it is they do not know how.  Thank God for the wonderful work they do, I would not be alive today without skilled surgeons and caring nurses.  My point in this article is not to knock anybody but to share a personal journey.

Like many, I went from doctor to doctor trying to feel better, no one helped.  It was like going through life feeling like I was about to come down with something.  I had a mantra that ran through my head, "I'm just so tired." I've been tested for mononucleosis a dozen times.  I would work out and become crippled with muscle fatigue and stiffness.  I'd sleep and never be rested.  I'd diet and not lose weight.  In my mid 40's, I was an old woman.

Finally, one of my friends shared her miracle story of Applied Kinesiology/Natural Medicine/Chiropractic care.  I was skeptical but remembered how sick she'd been, the mountains of paperwork and bills, the tests, the hospital stays, the emergency room visits... so I made an appointment.  It was the best thing I ever did.

Instead of treating the symptoms, the natural approach addresses the root cause of the problem.  To demonstrate, let's use a bad knee as the example.  Your knee hurts, you go to an orthopedic doctor and they determine you need surgery.  You have the painful and expensive surgery, take all sorts of synthetic drugs, go through a painful recovery, and three years later you need another surgery.  In the natural approach, the doctor looks at your gait, your hips, and your muscles.  He determines that you are over rotating your foot when you walk and has you correct that mechanical aspect.  He then figures out you have a food allergy to hot peppers (which you eat with every meal), which is causing inflammation in your joints and amends your diet.  Finally, he adjusts your spine and massages your back muscle group that is throwing your gait off.  Three years later you say, "I can't remember which knee hurt."

Each body is different and each one is constantly changing; sometimes we need a supplement for a time and other times we don't need that supplement.  What a natural doctor will do for you if help you achieve wellness without wasting your money on things you do not need.  Before finding my doctor, wellness was a crap shoot.  I spent a ton of money on remedies that I did not need!  So the best advice I can give is find a good doctor and take care of yourself.  If you want a list of supplements and their uses, here is a brief list: (I'm including links to the products so you can see what they do and what they are made of.)

Adrenal Fatigue - one of the first issues we addressed.  "I'm so tired" and constant stress burnt me out, this is why they kept testing me for mono.  The problem goes back to my teens.  Adrenals have been a particularly difficult one to manage and took several approaches but in the end, I am much better.  I'm not tired and recently got a real rush of adrenaline for the first time in 20 years - it was so foreign, it actually hurt!  The dosages also varied but here are the treatments:

Drenamin -  1 tablet at breakfast and lunch
Ashwagandha Supreme - 1 tablet at breakfast and 1 tablet at bedtime.

This combination was awesome but we've also tried:

Adrenal Complex - this one worked well for my son who took it for 30 days and takes when he is worn down or broken out.
Desiccated Adrenal - this formula did not work well for me but apparently does wonders for others.

Do you see now why it's important to have an Applied Kinesiologist check you out?

Candida Yeast Overgrowth - the second thing we addressed.  Women always think unless they have an infection all is well.  The truth is, if you've ever been on an antibiotic or you crave sugar, chances are you have this going on to one degree or the other.  First we changed my diet for 30 days by eliminating all the things that candida likes to eat:  breads/grains/pasta, sugar, and vinegar.  Then we added:

Total Yeast Redux - I've been on this supplement off and on for the last 18 months, it's a particularly difficult thing to control and I should do better with my diet...

Night Shade Allergies - on my first visit the doctor asked me what my favorite food was, I answered tomatoes.  A few moments later, he said, "You are not going to like me."  This one was brutal; everything I loved to eat was hurting me.  Nightshades include Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Eggplant, Tobacco, Hot Spices, Cumin.  We had hoped that a three month detox would do the trick.  Alas, I can tolerate potatoes and a slice or two of fresh tomato once in a while but the rest of it hurts so bad I can't take it.  Back pain, indigestion, and a feeling of being totally uncomfortable in my own body make night shades off limits for me.  Paprika is the biggest culprit and it is in virtually everything.

TheraSupreme - assisted in the detox where fasting from them was not quite enough.  This product helps remove the excess build up of capsaicins in the tissues.

Pay attention to your body, if you eat something and it makes you hurt, stop eating it.  Your back and your neck are particular indicators.

Thyroid Function - traditional medical testing did not show any dysfunction with my thyroid but it had become impossible for me to lose weight so we dug a bit further.  It turned out that while it was functioning properly, I was lacking iodine.  Iodine makes up, by weight, 75% of thyroid hormone - not enough iodine is the root cause of many thyroid issues.  The test was simple, the doctor painted the inside of my wrist with a 2" x 1" patch of red iodine with instructions to watch if it faded within 24 hours.  It was gone by the time I got home and when I walked in my house I could smell.  The lack of iodine had dulled my sense of smell without me even realizing it!

Prolamine Iodine - don't waste your time with other supplements, they have trace levels and will not even come close to addressing the issue.  If you are interested in watching a video about the importance of iodine, check out this insightful presentation:

Liver Function:  Since the liver controls hundreds of functions in the body, if your liver is stressed, chances are so will your body.  Traditional medical tests will detect liver failure but not much else.  Did you know pain in your right shoulder blade is a sign that your liver is under duress?  Thousands of things can be stressing your liver, this was not a major issue for me but I urge you to take good care.

Total Liver D-Tox - one of the pricier supplements but did the trick.

Scar Tissue:  Multiple surgeries have left me with scars all up and down my central meridian line.  These old scars and adhesions are a chronic complaint and something I can only treat and deal with on a long term basis.  If you have old scars that get red, that's a sign they have become active.  This is a great article on how active scars can become a problem.

Wheat Germ Oil - a small amount dabbed onto an active scar will assist the body in regulating the electric current that gathers.

Stress and Cortisol - the long term effects of chronic stress are well documented.  The role cortisol plays in middle age weight gain and the effects on the immune system can be devastating.  There is truly no magic pill for this one and everyone is going to be different.  Here are some of the supplements I've used:

Orchex - is particularly useful to those who suffer from chronic worry or post traumatic stress.  I took it during the Ebola crisis...

Cortisol Manager - one tablet at bedtime helps to promote restful sleep, balance biorhythms and deal with excessive cortisol in the bloodstream.

Muscle Soreness - my Dad called it "Muscle Bound"; the overwhelming tight and sore feeling one gets after intensive exercise.  Fibromyalgia patients feel this all the time!  One hour of weeding in my garden forced me take 35 ibuprofen over 7 days.  Exercise was fruitless because of the pain.  We discovered the cure for this strictly by accident.  I joked one day with my doctor and asked if he had anything to keep the mosquitoes from eating me alive.  He said, "Well, that's excessive lactic acid in your body.  That is what they are attracted to."  So he told me to try a protein shake with a scoop of almond butter, a scoop of cocoa, and a tiny pinch of takesumi.

Takesumi Supreme - not only did the mosquitoes not bite me, the painful muscles disappeared.  This has become a staple in my morning coffee.  It also has the added benefit of a powerful detox agent and is effective for removing radiation from the body.

Chronic Back Pain - like stress and many of the other issues we've discussed chronic back pain is individual.  Adjustments, massage, alignments would give a temporary relief but I was resigned to the fact that the scar tissue and adhesions were going to keep me in pain forever until we added one more supplement.  It was the final thing I needed, the last thing that I added and it made me pain free.

Magnesium Citrate - one tablet taken at bed time cured the back pain and had the added benefit of promoting healthy stools.

Staph - not fibromyalgia related but a reoccurring staph infection was taking it's toll on my complexion and my health.  Several rounds of antibiotics would address it but every few months it would pop back up.  Uncontrolled staph can be very dangerous and it is increasingly becoming antibiotic resistant.

Used in combination, Morinda Supreme and Schisandra Supreme with topical essential oil of eucalyptus regulus has knocked out a staph infection I've been battling for several years.

So you can see, I did not have fibromyalgia, I had a number of things that needed addressing none of which would have been addressed by traditional western medicine.  I'd just be taking Lyrica or some other synthetic drug that neither cured me or addressed the under lying issues.  This path is not easy nor is it cheap but it is worth it.  On a side note, I have to mention that by and large, I have stayed healthy and free of stomach bugs, colds, sinus, and seasonal allergies so while people around me are dropping like flies, I am happily going about my merry way!

Fibromyalgia diagnosis does not have to be the end of the world, you are worthy of health.  Prayer, nutrition, supplements, and good care will go a long way to restoring health.