Oct 15, 2016

What Does the Bible Say is About to Happen?

My head swims from the catastrophic disasters, political scandals, and violence that has overtaken us; like a gleaming silver pinball crashing from bumper to bumper before plunging down the dead center of no return.

So what is coming?  Where are we headed?  What is the Timeline for Things to Come?

Our world no longer seems grounded and sane.  It is easy to get caught up in the noise and tumult.  Here is what is coming!

Birth Pangs - Wickedness Increases on the Earth (30 Days of Birth Pangs)

Isaiah 17 - The Utter Destruction of Damascus, which according to the headlines forms an unholy alliance between Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

Rapture - the gathering of the Church to be with Jesus.  Our Lord spoke of the Rapture to his beloved friends.  The Greatest Supernatural Event of the Modern Age (No One Knows the Hour or the Day)

Note:  Some Scholars will contend that Psalm 83 and the Prophecy of Elam can come before or after the Rapture, I tend to believe it will be after.  There are still many Christians in the Middle East and it is estimated as many as 3 million Christians hiding in Iran.  The Lord is merciful and no group of Christians alive today are experiencing the persecution that our brothers and sisters are at the hands of ISIS and terror groups in Norther Africa, so before the wrath of God is poured out on the Earth, He will rescue His Church.

Psalm 83 Map

Psalm 83 - where Israel's immediate neighbors attack

Prophecy of Elam's (part of Iran) Destruction Jeremiah 49:34–39 coupled with Ezekiel 38 this is double trouble and punishment for Iran.  This is nuclear disaster for them.

Anti-Christ comes on the scene - One has always been ready.

Indwelled By Satan the Anti-Christ Will Be Beautiful
Ezekiel 38-39 War - A massive coordinated attack by Iran, Russia, and Turkey on Israel.  The direct intervention of the God of Israel results in a massive defeat of the attackers.

Because of the Miraculous deliverance by the Lord in the Ezekiel war, those that are dispursed across the globe will make their final regathering in Israel.

The reawakened Israel will demand a new Temple which will be the Tribulation Temple

Anti-Christ comes to power

Israel signs the peace treaty with the Anti-Christ

The 70th week begins - 7 year Tribulation Begins

While we may feel like we are indeed in pinball game, things are going along perfectly.  The Lord works in patterns, He holds to timelines, He is not random - from the foundations of Creation, His orderliness is observable.  From the precision math demonstrated in the tilt of the Earth, the distance from the sun, the size and orbit of the moon, to the subatomic structures of all atoms - we see His hand.  He also does not operate in secret, a retrospective study of Scripture reveals that He has always told us what is to come, always.  There are types and shadows and prophetic warnings throughout Scripture that only a backward glance reveals their truth.  Since He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow - it should come as no surprise that He has laid out for us the pattern and timing of his coming.

Open your eyes - He is coming.