Jul 20, 2010

For Such A Time As This

Abigail and Dolley readers today was a day I will always remember, but never want to repeat.  As days go, in this cycle we call life, this one was a doozey.  I will not bore you with the gory details, but suffice it to say that I drew upon every experience and lesson I have learned in life, faith, and business over the course of 20 years and put them to the test for the last 5 days.  I was seeking the Lord this afternoon on my way into the office and I recalled a song that had spoken to me greatly over the course of my spiritual life.

I found it on my iPod, infrequently listened to but not forgotten.  "For Such a Time as This" by Kim Hill from a Focus on the Family production.  It's from a ladies conference more than a decade ago.  There isn't a video I could find, only little 30 second snipets of the song on various web sites, so instead of showing you, I suppose I will once again try to pour it out on paper.  The song is about the spiritual journey that we as women take.

The first woman we meet in the song is the Woman at the Well, searching for someone to fill the empty space.  The next woman we meet is Mary, sitting at Jesus feet living and breathing His word, because He is our Savior and we are in love.  When I discovered this song, I was Mary.  I had been the woman at the well not long before, but I was firmly sitting at the feet of the Savior and naively believed that I would always be there.  I was wrong.

The third woman we meet is Martha - busy and working and trying to take care of everyone and everything.  The warm and intimate relationship of the past is gone and we are trying to now be worthy of the gift of His love.  He is distant and we are busy.  Been there, done that.

The last woman we meet is Esther.  Everything that has come before has brought you to this moment, when you are forced to put it all on the line and lead. Esther was called to risk her life to save her people and stand before the King to seek his favor.  Now nothing I went through today was that dramatic, but each woman that lives in her faith long enough will at one point be all of these women.

I had my Esther moment today.  I can rest in Him tonight.