Jul 15, 2010

Surprise! It Worked!

Abigail and Dolley readers I refer you to an earlier post I made this summer; Japanese Beetles Are The Progressives In the Garden.  In the article, I lamented that the Japanese Beetles had returned to destroy and devour.  I was determined to fight gallantly, but based on past experience did not hold out much hope.  You see they always win and in the end, I would just have to wait for them to die and then clean up the mess.  This was of course based on a dozen years of past experience in my North Carolina Garden.  That June Day, I marched bravely into battle; armed with Ortho Japanese Beetle killer and a new tank sprayer.

The stench of chemicals surrounded me as I doused everything with the pesticide.  I resigned myself to spending every Saturday morning armed for battle and mixed up 2 gallons.  I used one and to my overwhelming shock, the other remains in the tank sprayer.  The single application WORKED!  The beetles are gone and have not been back. 

So, when I recognized that they have now been gone a month and the plants they usually would have destroyed by now are thriving, I was shocked.

Metaphorically, it got me to thinking.- what if, what if - this November we stand strong in the face of battle, knowing that in the past we have lost, but hoping this time will be different.  We don't really and truly believe it will work, but it is all we know to do and by God, we are not sitting back this year and letting the Progressives destroy what we have worked for!  So we bare the stench of politics and wade with our hip boots in the swamp they have created in Washington.

We are only armed with weapons we have tried to use in the past but failed.  It is all that we know to do.  I pray this November will be for our country what that fateful chemical bath was for my garden - a total destruction of the Progressives and their agenda.  I hope that when my son looks back at the history of this country in his life time, he will see the evidence of the destruction the Progressives have caused, but will be astounded and gratified at the strong growth and strength of our country.  I hope that when he looks back, he will see something like the rose bush that inspired this blog, I hope he will never let his children forget either.

God Bless America!