Sep 3, 2010

Bring Back DDT - How the Green Religion is Killing People

Abigail and Dolley readers I am not a scientist or an entomologist.  Heck, I think I know the word entomology from watching CSI and Bones!  I first became aware of the DDT ban and devastating effects to the 3rd World and the bed bug explosion several years ago.  A group of my friends went to a brand new hotel at the beach and ran into them.  It was horrible!  They were all completely freaked out and even I (who was not on the trip) became obsessed with these nasty blood sucking creatures.  Being "Dolley", I of course started doing a bunch of research.

I actually came across this video from Stossel while doing Global Warming research, but it is an excellent example of how junk science adopted for political purposes can cost you a fortune, but more important contribute to the deaths of innocent people.  The portion about DDT starts about 1:40.

I have written extensively on the Religion of Environmentalist and if you care to check out back posts that link will take you to my musings on the subject.  Let it be sufficient to say that at their core, Environmentalist love the Earth and hate you.  You consume resources and your very breath is pollution and destruction.  That is their worldview.  Thus, it should not surprise anyone to learn that, one Environmentalist admitted that the primary problem with DDT is that it reduced the incidence of malaria in the developing world and thus increased the population.

That's right folks, it wasn't the safety of the chemical it was "Big Environment" deciding that kids in Sri Lanka did not deserve to live.  60 million people have died of malaria since 1972 because of the ban on DDT, that is 10 times more than died in the Holocaust.  Many of these deaths were children... as a Mother I can not imagine the horror of 1 let alone 60 million.

Now we have Bed Bugs and God forgive me, but I hope they invade every environmentalist home in the country.  I hope these nasty critters suck the blood from these Greenies as they have most certainly played a role in the deaths of these innocent people.  They will sing a different tune if it is THEIR children waking up with bites and thousands of dollars of extermination bills and loss of bedding, clothing, and carpets.  This is small in comparison to the mother in Africa whose child won't wake up ever again.

Perhaps it takes a bit of discomfort in our own lives for us to wake up and realize that we need to undo an egregious error.  We need to bring back one of the safest, cost effective, and efficient pesticides known to man.  Kill the bed bugs and kill the mosquitoes!  BRING BACK DDT!

Facts and research for this blog came from the below sources.  I encourage you to do your own investigation:
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