Sep 7, 2010

Welcome New Abigail and Dolley Readers!

Dear Faithful Readers,

I started a new job today and am very blessed to have a great opportunity.  When the announcement went out today to the corporation, several enterprising colleagues Googled my name and were directed to this blog through a professional profile.  I must admit that my eyes got huge when a colleague commented that their new GM was certainly "right of center"!

Now, I am not ashamed of this blog nor the opinions expressed therein, but life can be compartmentalized and I am essentially a private person in my professional life.   It is usually best to get to know folks a bit before laying the full force and opinion of Dolley Madison on them.  Within my professional career, I prefer my work, reputation, and colleagues to speak for me.  I leave aspects of faith and politics within their appropriate realms.

I will be meeting with many of my new colleagues in a few weeks for a Global Meeting and look forward to getting to know each of them.  So if you, kind reader, are one of my enterprising new colleagues who had the foresight to save the link to this blog before I removed it from my public profile, I hope you enjoy your visit here and I look forward to working with you.

For the rest of you faithful readers, thanks for visiting and giving me your comments.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.