Sep 2, 2010

Obama Just Does Not Have This & That is Sad

Abigail and Dolley readers I have been fascinated by the rise in the polls of the popularity of GWB in recent months.  From the fact that his approval ratings are up 20 points since April, to the Democratic poll that found that in Ohio 50% to 42% would rather GWB be President right now over Obama; all of these signs point to the fact that absence does indeed makes the heart grow fonder.  Liberal commentator, Mark Shields, recently warned Democrats against continuing to vilify GWB as the Boogie Man because he was such a classy former President and a decent guy - it is going to back fire on them and indeed it appears that it has.

So I was cruising around You Tube today and watching interviews with GWB and was drawn especially to the ones he gave as he was just about to leave office.  He is not surly or angry or lecturing about how the American people have turned on him.  He is not defensive or full of condescension toward his detractors.  He does not even seem particularly anxious about his legacy or what people will write about him.  He is pleased with the job that he did and states emphatically when he gets home, he will look in the mirror and be proud.  This man deserves our thanks and our honor for serving his country.

One of the videos I watched was actually the first joint interview that 41 and 43 had ever given and it was with Brit Hume.  Upon observing this, my heart broke.  It broke because of the love and affection between these two men and the foundation for which GWB was drawing to serve with such dignity and honor.  It is a stark contrast to our current President, who is Fatherless.

Obama does not have a Dad to call and get the unconditional love that GWB speaks of that a President needs sometimes.  He did not have a role model or a good mentor to give him a basis or character and foundation.  He is an injured and scarred man who lacks the fundamentals of character to be able to stand within himself and his own character.  It is so very sad and so very scary to realize that the current President is no where near the stature of these two and we are all the worse for the abandonment of him by his father.