Nov 17, 2010

Having A Party

Abigail and Dolley readers some of you hard core readers may recall last summer when I lamented that We Don't Throw Parties Anymore .  I said it was because the house was not finished and since the advent of Better Homes and Gardens people stopped having people over to visit.  I submit to you, that I was correct in my original assertions, but neglected to mention one thing.  If one would like to have friends over, there is no greater motivation to finish a project and spruce up the house than a party.

The house gets cleaned, the trash gets thrown out, the storage unit gets cleaned out, the walls get painted, art gets ordered, furniture gets moved and bought.... All the stuff that we said needed to get done but somehow never does, well all that gets done for a party.  My good friend's husband says they should have people over at least twice a year simply for that reason and you know what?  I agree with him and will tell him so when I see him on Saturday Night.

Will my friends enjoy the party more now that the house is fixed up?  No, they are coming to see us - THEY don't care what the house looks like.  I am blessed to be hosting new friends and old.  The new friends arrive with a bottle of wine.  The old friends show up an hour early and help you clean the bathrooms.... Luckily, the maid did those, the caterer is cooking the food, and the handyman has finished painting - I am simply going to show up and be the Queen that I am.  Praise the Lord for His Mighty hand of blessings and great friends, old and new.