Nov 19, 2010

My Own Three's Company Episode

Anyone that watched the 1970's Three's Company will recall that every episode was essentially about a misunderstanding.  The misunderstanding would spark a funny series of comic events and in the end, the truth would come out, everyone would hug - See You Next Week!

So anyway, George and I are having a small dinner party on Saturday night and as my good friend, says everyone should have people over at least twice a year because you get your house in order when company is coming.  Needless to say, we decided to finally finish a project that we started 2 years ago.  All the colors are taupes and black/browns with red as the accent color.

New Paint!

We have needed a picture over the mantel on the main wall in the great room, that we could both agree on, for several years.  George's one rule for whatever picture we ultimately chose was "No More Flowers" and I agreed to comply with his wishes.  I discovered and have become enthralled with the site.  I selected a really cool abstract

What I Ordered

To my delight my picture was ready in just days and was to deliver the day before the party.  It was the final piece in a LONG project and I was eager to see it in person and hang it up.  The package arrived right on schedule in a gigantic box.  George set out to surprise me by unpacking it and hanging it before I got home from work. The packing was intense.  Wired tape, multiple layers, straps, sleeves, and Styrofoam protected my new art it took him 30 minutes to unpack the picture, he was excited too!

Six Foot tall Boxes
He turns the picture over and its a boat.
A Freaking Boat?

He is stunned, at first he's pissed and thinks to himself, "What the heck was she thinking?  This doesn't go!  It will ruin everything.  This sucks!  Hang on, in all the years I have known her I don't think I have ever heard her mention a boat.  I don't think she's ever said, "I love boats" or "I want a picture of a boat".  She doesn't even like boats!  Surely she would not have picked this picture for the Living Room! Oh, no!  What if she loves it!  What if she is so excited and will have her feelings hurt if I insult the picture.  Well, it is a kind of nice boat... but if you could pick out a picture that would not possibly go with all of our stuff, it could very well be this picture.  No, they sent us the wrong picture.  I'd better call her, but I'll play it cool.... just in case."

Now if that would have been a Three's Company Episode, he would have tried to hide the print from me to keep it out of sight until after the guests were gone.  Finally after a huge series of mishaps, I would have discovered the high jinx and laughed about it after the teaching/touching moment.

In the end, he posed it to me in this regard, "Well, your picture got here and I think they sent you the wrong one.  It has a boat on it...."