May 26, 2011

Does HE Have Your Attention Now?

Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Nuclear Disasters, Floods, and Mud Slides have descended upon the Earth with a ferocity never recorded.  Global Financial collapse looms as the dollar plummets, the integrity of gold deposits is called into question (Fake Gold Bars), and the stability of the stock market is in serious doubt due to an ever growing and insidious Global Financial Scam. Real unemployment is quickly approaching levels not seen since the Great Depression. Global Warming has been unmasked as a serious hoax through Climategate.  The World's Savior, Barack Obama, so lauded by the lost as the Messiah, has proven himself a humiliating, bumbling and weak buffoon as clearly demonstrated by this video, Worst Foreign Trip Ever.  Wars are being fought across the globe, the world is lining up against Israel, and the great restrainer, the USA, is stretched to the absolute limit and going broke.  Disease and starvation annihilate the Third World especially through malaria and AIDS.  The irony is that both conditions are preventable with DDT and abstinence coupled with Biblical marriage, respectively.  In short, this world is teetering on the razor's edge of disaster and evil seems to be ruling the day.

Do not be deceived, these calamities are not random.  They are designed to demonstrate to human beings that they are not in control of this Earth.  We are not the supreme authority here and nothing in this life is safe, permanent, and secure.  Everything can collapse and things we have held dear seem to be running through our fingers like sand.  There is but one who is steadfast and true.  There is one hope for a suffering and dying world, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Does HE have your attention, now?  If not, what's it going to take?  Do not be a hard-hearted and stiff necked fool!  Do not reject the gift of salvation that costs you nothing and saves everything.  If you have already made that transaction but continue to live in self sufficiency, is HE calling you back into fellowship with him?  If you are an on fire believer are you praying for this lost world and conforming yourself daily to be like Christ to the damned?

It is time to wake up folks, these are the birth pains.  The Lord is rich in mercy and desires that no one should reject Him and damn themselves to eternal torment.  HE loves you, HE died for you, and HE wants you to come to Him and have fellowship with Him.  If you have never before asked the Lord into your life, all you have to do is pray something like this:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner in need of a Savior.  I believe that you were born of a virgin, crucified for my sins, and on the third day rose from the dead.  Please forgive me of my sins, come into my heart and save me.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit.  Amen.