Apr 3, 2015

I Feel the Same Way About My Son - Good Friday Message

Abigail and Dolley readers I think it is universally accepted that the teenage years are difficult.  THE most difficult might very well be 13.  The last year of Middle School, the beginning of puberty, and the forming of the personality and social group identification that will steer most kids through their High School years and beyond.  It is a year of awkward growth spurts, or lack thereof - a year of acne, mean girls, and teenage angst.  As spheres of friendships move beyond the neighbors, life long friendships that once were close fade to a distant memory as kids grow up and apart.  No parent enjoys watching their kids struggle but it is part of life and to shield them from these trials can be detrimental to their development; compassion, perseverance, strength, and resilience can only be learned through trial.

All this said, it's still hard for a parent to feel warm and fuzzy about a child who has hurt yours.  Parents of children who are bullied, will immediately understand this sentiment.  I am dealing with such an instance, but this snub has come from child that has been in my house for many years; who I have been fond of, who I've fed, who I've carted around, and welcomed hundreds of times.  Over the last few years, my son would have appreciated his long term friend's support and companionship - instead this boy seized the fact that his major social competition was out of the way and began a nasty little war against my son.  Not only did he withdraw his friendship but then he sought to do my son harm, for which he has been quite successful.

As such, I've had to constantly pray and give this over to the Lord.  I am angry, the Mama Bear in me is riled, and I'd like to pinch his head off.  Yeah, keepin' it real around here at Abigail and Dolley.  I'm human.  So I'm in the yard today and I once again had to give it over to God.  I prayed, "I'm just so mad that he has hurt my son.  We've been good to him and this is how he acts?  Lord, I'm having a hard time."  Very clearly, I felt the Lord say, "Yes, I feel the same way about my Son."

Boom - there you have it, on Good Friday 2015, "I feel the same way about my Son."  Nothing brings home the reality of the cross like personal knowledge.  Nothing makes the judgement of unbelievers clearer than that statement.  John 3:16 is God's love, his way of Salvation, his Sacrifice for mankind - for those who reject it, reject the Son's sacrifice, and the Lord feels no compassion for them. Matthew 22:13.  I get that a little more today.  (Disclaimer - of course I am not comparing the temporary inconvenience of my son's teenage angst to the sacrifice of Christ.  The above is to demonstrate in a tiny way the enormity of the Lord's anger and inability to allow those who have rejected His Son into Heaven.)