Nov 4, 2015

Dreams of the Coming Judgement

Abigail and Dolley readers lately I've felt the Lord calling me to begin a new series on how He is judging this nation.  This morning I had a dream that I'd like to share with you as the first part of this new series.

The dream started at work, in a filthy run down office and warehouse.  I was new and it was my job to clean it up.  I wandered around and met with former co-workers, none of whom I was excited to work with again.  It was dark and disorganized and a spirit of defeat haunted the place.  (I believe this represents the culture of corporate America today.  What was once a place of hustle, bustle, and good work is now populated by people you don't want to work with in a run down inefficient environment.)

I started piling up trash in the hallway and a couple of great coworkers appeared like magic and began helping.  I was so excited to see them and had a little hope!  I wondered how we were going to get all the trash we were piling up out of the building.  My coworker said, "Oh, I've already called.  See here he is."  A young man drove up with a truck and began loading the trash to haul away.  This was a bright spot, coworkers pitching in, and there was a young strong guy doing the heavy lifting.  (Personally, I've just started a new job and this chapter represents the hope and the optimism I am feeling.)

I ask the young man to follow me, there was junk in the bathroom.  As we walked in together, there was trash everywhere.  As we worked, we were startled by a strange man's hand emerging from a pulled shower curtain, the nails were painted pink.  The young man with me said, "What are you doing here?  Go away, I've told you I don't want to be gay."  The man arose naked from the bathwater and displayed enormous genitalia; I stared in fascinated horror before turning away in disgust and rushing out the door.  (Obviously, this is a reference to the seduction of our bright, strong young men.)

I emerged with the toilet overflowing filth behind me into a gathering in my childhood kitchen.  Sitting around a table were beautiful women in their late 60's.  They were fashionable, well put together, trim and tan; Southern Ladies.  As I looked at them, I thought, we used to look like this.  Americans used to not be sloppy and fat.  I asked what they were doing and they told me they were trying out a new cream to eliminate flab and belly fat, I saw that they were already trim and wondered why they were so focused on their looks.  Their husbands were in attendance and were devoted and loving, I was upset with them for wasting money on a beauty treatments they did not need when there were needy people who could have been helped. (I think this represents the advantages the Baby Boomers had but squandered.)

Then out the window, I saw a monster sized wolf.  He climbed on the roof above where we stood and began diving at the roof like a fox after a mouse in the snow.  I knew it was safe in the house because my Father had built the roof.  (My childhood home represents an America that was safe, secure, and well built.  The enemy might try to get in but we were protected.)

But then I remembered my cats,  I knew if the wolf saw them they would be killed.   I ran outside and found my husband.  I yelled to him to find the cats.  (I've been quite worried about the fate of my pets should the Rapture happen and them be left behind.)    The monster saw us and came down from the roof, my husband led him away to the back yard and I ran in the opposite direction.  The front doors to the house were locked at I had to try to get to safety in the backyard.  (This represents leaving the safety of the protected house and then not being able to get back in.  A Nation that leaves God behind can not expect to be able to run back in when danger is lurking.)

As I rounded the corner of the house, the wolf saw me, changed directions and turned to attack.  I screamed and ran as fast as I could but there was no escape.  Just as I was about to be devoured I stopped, turned, and stood my ground.  I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and the monster howled in pain.  Emboldened, I drove him from my yard.  Each time I rebuked him, it shrunk in size and fled in defeat.  (This represents the real threat of the enemy and it was only when we are about to lose our lives do we take the authority that has always been ours to wield.)

Exhausted from the battle, I realized I needed to call Animal Control.  The government needed to come and get this wolf out of my neighborhood.  I dialed 311 and a city worker picked up the phone, but he would not stop talking to his co-worker and listen to me.  They were visiting and discussing the jobs they wish they had or were going to get.  I kept yelling in the phone, "Hello?  Hey, we need help out here."  There was no help coming from the government.

As I'd tried to get the attention of the government, I'd begun strolling toward the back of my childhood neighborhood.  You don't often visit the back of a neighborhood if you live near the front.  To my horror, it was destroyed.  At first I thought it was rebuilding but then I recognized that the construction had been abandoned for years.  (This represents the destruction of our homes, our way of life, our families.)

Finally, the back of the neighborhood turned into a huge junkyard where cars were piled six stories high and the dump went on as far as the eye could see.  There were shiny new corporate buildings overlooking the junked cars.  Everyone was walking and I warned my fellow pedestrians about the wolf nearby.  One lady said those wolves are everywhere now, that she'd seen six of them cross the road just up the way.  A man on a bicycle rode by and gave me an insufferable superior look.  I scoffed, "What are you looking at?"  He laughed and rode off, it was then that I realized that he at least had a bike.  Nobody else did because all the cars had been destroyed while the men in the new shiny buildings looked on.