Nov 26, 2015

Vision of The Bride

Abigail and Dolley readers a while back, I was in church worshiping the Lord and He gave me a vision of the Bride of Christ.  It's a hard one to describe but I will do my best.

The massive figure stood thousands of feet tall and was comprised of individual people.  We moved and danced before the Lord like a flock of starlings, each person perfectly in tune with the body.  She glimmered and shown glory from heaven as she danced before the Lord.  It was stunning.  I'd seen the pictures of Christ made up of ordinary people and when you zoom out you can see His face, the body was very much like that.  We flew side by side, moving with the body, my dark hair a perfect shadow on the figure.  Her hair swayed long and dark, people of every race and color made up the body.

As I looked to my side, a few people disappeared, then others and the Lord said to me, the Bride is not yet complete, there are others that must come.

Enjoy the Starlings Dancing, it is the closest thing I've ever seen that even resembles the vision.  Maranantha.