Nov 14, 2015

French Kissing the Devil

(Update:  the below blog was written Saturday 11/14 as the news from Paris rolled in.   I was very troubled in my spirit and sat down to compose a blog.  As I was writing, the Lord gave me a vision of a person walking up to the Devil, embracing and tongue kissing him.   When they pulled away, blood dripped from their lips and was smeared across their face.  The person stood with their arm around the shoulders of Satan and threw me a look of hatred.  It was disturbing and I was hesitant to write this or the blog.  It seemed insensitive and cruel but I was obedient.  It is now revealed that the concert the French victims were watching in the theater was a satanic metal band.  The song they were singing as the terrorist entered the concert hall was "Kiss the Devil".)

My Dad always asserted that at the end of the age the dividing line between good and evil would be so stark that there would be no gray.  I believe the day is upon us, the great delusion has begun.  People believe in their own righteousness, they reject God and his truth.

The humanist point of reference declares that man is the arbiter of right and wrong, that each person goes along the path they feel best suits them.  When you remove the immovable laws of God and right and wrong the morality of the world breaks down.  This is what we are witnessing.

If you are not firmly entrenched in the Word of God, you will be deceived.  We are seeing it everywhere as great madness descends upon the world.  Well meaning atheists are recoiling at the slaughter and terror in Paris but what they fail to realize is that they have by default aligned themselves with the same team.  By rejecting the free gift of Salvation, they choose their side.

In human standards, they may believe themselves to be good and righteous but by the standard of holiness required for salvation, we all have sinned and fall short of the perfection demanded by a holy God.  Thus, they are blinded.

Kissing the Devil Unaware
They walk up to the devil disguised as an angel of light and reason, put their arm around his shoulder, and tongue kiss him.  They pull away from the bloody kiss and see the world through their blind eyes.  The original promise of having the knowledge of good and evil was a lie for they can not see the difference and will call what is good evil and what is evil good.  For the devil is a liar, he was a liar from the beginning, and when he speaks he speaks his native language of lies.  The world has embraced the liar and he will destroy them.