Feb 6, 2016

Love is Something You Do

We are not always lovable, none of us are.  Having been with my husband for almost 25 years, (admittedly not an easy guy to get along with) I speak from experience.  Raising a teenager offers its own lessons in loving someone who is not always lovable.  Throw me in the mix, who can be grumpy in the morning and very detail and process oriented - I make the "big picture" men in my life crazy.  Thus, here we are - three imperfect people with our own foibles and idiosyncrasies, trying our best to remember that love is something you do, not something you feel.  We are largely quite successful at it although you would not know that from the chill that is in the air today in my house.

I've been struggling with something to blog about lately, and advise on how to love one another when you don't "feel" it seems like a timeless topic.

The first thing to remember is that things change, for good or for bad situations and feelings are fleeting.

Do not say things to each other that you would not say to your best friend.

We know each other's vulnerable spots, never use that as a weapon, ever.

Home is a sanctuary.

Women, don't emasculate your men.  Their balls don't belong in your purse.

When you don't feel love for somebody, write them a love letter.  It will remind you and encourage them.

Respect each other.

Have faith that God has each of us on our own journey, sometimes we won't understand the "why's".

Spend time outside together.

Don't let disagreements fester.

Practice positive affirmations and self talk toward your loved ones, "Even though I am angry with them, I deeply love and accept them.  I forgive them.  I will encourage them, ect."

Send them text messages that say that you love them.

Pray Ephesians 6 over your household


Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and substitute "I" for love in those Scriptures.

Remember that Romans 5:8 teaches us about love.

In the end, if we employ the above we will be loved and will love those the Lord has given us well.  We will be a testimony to His faith and righteousness if we love.