Mar 13, 2016

Not Falling For It This Time

Abigail and Dolley readers I have been an intense observer of politics and the media for many years - no more so than when I became a Tea Party Member in the early months of 2009.   Plugged into the 24 hour news cycle for four years was illuminating, because I understood what was going on I could easily pick out spin and lies when they were spoken from a podium or a news desk.  Thus, I can no longer be led about by my nose.

My friends over at the Patriot's Business Alliance, hypothesized that the 2012 election would be the last time major media controlled the narrative.  They were right.

George and I were discussing this morning how people are not buying the story the media is selling.  His theory is that the electorate have watched their candidates be skewered by false narratives spun by the establishment and the media.  As supporters of these candidates they know the truth and not the sound bites and have been infuriated by the personal destruction of men and women they supported.

Think about the last Presidential election, were you a Michelle Bachmann fan?  How did you feel about her treatment?  How about the Newsweek cover that made her look like a lunatic or a Iowa State Fair picture that made her look like a porn star?  Her campaign was scuttled while in its infancy.

Then let us talk about Herman Cain... A strong man of integrity and intelligence.  Surges in the polls in October with smart ideas about revamping Social Security, creating jobs, and turning the country from a left wing course that had us reeling.  Well, since he was a Black Man, it was easy to create a sex starved predator image.  Vindicated well after the fact, a good man's reputation and his family were drug through the mud on the way to anointing the impotent establishment candidate Mitt Romney.   

A Good Man Drug Through the Mud
Finally, let's look at Newt Gingrich.  Long term readers will remember that Newt was my candidate of choice.  I wrote in detail about my thought process, my support of Newt, and in the end the utter annihilation of an excellent candidate.  The destruction came from all sides, Romney's carpet bomb negative barrage of false campaign ads, the Fox News hatred of him and negative coverage, and then finally what was a death blow at the time, Beck's character assassination.  Had Newt become President, the country and the world would be a vastly better and different place.

Destroyed by Negative Ads
This story is repeated over and over again - Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle were absolutely destroyed by the press and the elite.  Even folks like ultra liberal Howard Dean have seen momentum destroyed by a single incident, gaffe or not, that sunk their careers and bids for public office.

The infamous Dean Scream
The cumulative effect on the public is disillusionment and resentment.  How many people have watched their candidate of choice destroyed?  With the rise of the internet, alternative media, and cell phone video cameras discerning individuals can do their own research.  When a story comes out, they can find the source material and review it for themselves - thus, the ability of pundits and SuperPacs to set the narrative are greatly diminished, to their utter horror, I might add.

They are desperate!  The Huffington Post broke a story this week where GOP elite and tech ultra rich met in secret to decide how to stop the rise and nomination of Donald Trump.  Fifty four private jets... they will lie, cheat, and steal to insure they stay in power.  The illusion of political parties, is just that, an illusion.  What we see today is a ruling class, an elite, who will do or say anything as long as the cash cow of unfettered government spending continues to line their pockets.

The thing is, the American People aren't falling for it this time.