Mar 22, 2016

Obama's Third Term?

Are global forces in play to derail the US Presidential Conventions and set Obama up for a third term?  With talk of a brokered GOP convention and pending indictments for Hillary, this is a very real possibility.  Think of it, the establishment GOP orchestrate a coup and deny Trump or Cruz the nomination instead rolling out Mitt, or Jeb, or McCain... the GOP splits and splinters across the country.  Simultaneously, the FBI indicts Hillary and leaves the Democrats at a split convention... Throw in an Iran or a N Korea Nuclear attack and you've got all the makings for Obama to circumvent the constitution (again) and stay in power.

Conversely,  we could all be Raptured - most of the GOP would be gone, Hillary is still indicted and Obama takes the chaotic world and stays in power.

He's already indicated that he wants to run the UN after the Presidency...

King Obama
We know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.  We also know what is foretold and what is to come.  Maranantha, Friends.