Jun 1, 2016

All Things Work Together

It is no secret that this life is hard.  People die, business fail, relationships end... the list of human misery is exhaustive.  I have always prided myself on being an optimist, my Mother calls me "Pollyanna", but I must confess I find myself cynical these days.  At least when it comes to anything of this world being just, righteous, and fair.  I have become skeptical of any snake oil this world has to offer, even the great American Dream has died in my mind.

This comes as no surprise to God and it is that assurance that makes us look deeper.  We must become more comfortable not knowing and understanding the "why's" of life.  Our faith tells us that we will not always have the answers but to trust God and recognize that all things work for the good of those who are called by God and do according to His purpose.  All things... health, financial, relational, all things....

The Kingdom of Earth vs. the Kingdom of Heaven
As the love for this world fades, believers look to the Kingdom of Heaven, where we are told to store up our treasures, where thief can not steal and rust does not destroy.  Most of us will never have our rewards here on Earth, in this lifetime, so it is with eyes to eternity that we serve a King that knows and sees all.  We write blogs that no one reads, we start businesses that fail, we pray for others for years with no results, we evangelize to the deaf and the hardhearted, we toil in soil that produces only weeds and thistles and that deer trample and eat to the ground... we sever our ties with this place and recognize that all things work together for our good.