Jun 14, 2010

Turn the Music Up and Roll Down Your Windows

Abigail and Dolley readers we are entering the long hot days of summer after a dry and dreary time in the dessert.  We see the possibility of change, but we are tired and weary in well doing.  I ask that we all take some time to recharge our batteries and prepare for the home stretch.  To that end, recapture something that you loved and that you no longer do.

It could be painting - pull out your paints.  I could be dancing.  Get off the couch.  It could be roller skating, dig out your speed skates and GO!  For me recently, it has been driving around with my windows down, the sunroof open, and the iPod jamming.  The wind in my hair, a tune on the radio, and turned up LOUD!  Now this particular pleasure is best enjoyed on a cool summer morning or evening, out of traffic and on a female road.  You know, skinny and curvy.  The night jasmine and the honeysuckle drip with aroma, the humidity of the day is long gone, and there is a freedom in a powerful automobile under your hands; the possibilities are endless.

For a little while, I remember what it was like to be 17 and cruising around these parts with my permed hair beating me about my head and shoulders.  Of course, it was never my car at 17 that gave me that feeling, no I was stuck with a 1977 Cutlass S that had been my Grandma and Grandpa's car.  It was a behemouth of a thing and we never drove it if there were other cooler cars available, but riding with friends, sitting in the back seat of a Camaro with Heart jamming on the speakers.  Life was good and I remember.