Jun 21, 2010

Bullies and Liberals - They Have A Lot in Common

Abigail and Dolley readers we have encountered our very first taste of cyber-bullying in our house hold.  There is a little sneaky rat bastard of a kid that lives in our neighborhood.  I have not liked him since the moment I met him.  There has always been something distasteful about this child and while I am a great believer in giving people a chance, I could never shake the fact that I do not like this kid.  Alas, in the ways of the neighborhood, sometimes there is nobody else home.  I have discouraged my son from playing with this kid.  He is not allowed to go in his house and I severely limit the amount of time he spends at mine.

Two times in 24 hours, my son has come in crying that this little rat has gotten others to "ditch" him. Now my son is not a wussy, he is a rough and tumble boy, but the Lord saw fit to give him my soft heart and he does not play silly head games well.  So when the little creep in the neighborhood started trying to turn all the friends in the neighborhood against my otherwise well liked child, my son was taken aback and hurt.  We did the normal parent thing, "Shake it off.  Don't listen to what he says.  He is lying, you still have friends."

Apparently though, this child felt he did not get the reaction and the results he was seeking and sent a text message to my son detailing how no one liked him in the neighborhood.  Big mistake.  You see, unlike his screwed up family, you do not go after someone in this household and escape unscathed.  Using my son's phone, my husband called this child and with righteous indignation was told in no uncertain terms that this type of behavior would stop and right now.  I doubt until his dying day if this brat will ever forget the tongue lashing he was dealt.  Faced with the consequences of his actions and confronted, not by a boy 2 years his junior, but by an irate father who had had enough.  He was stammering and seemingly apologetic, I am sure not for what he'd done, but by the fact that he had been caught doing it.

Allegorically, our Country is much like my son.  Who has run in the door of the Guardians of Liberty with a fat lip and a black eye because the Progressives and Liberals have declared that nobody likes them anymore. They have sneaked around to all the neighbors and tried to stir up trouble.  They have worked within the structures to undermine what has made us great and it is time, Ladies and Gentlemen, to make that phone call to say, no you will not do this.  No you will not and if I see you around here anymore, I will haul you off my property by the scruff of the neck.  We will defend what is ours, we will defend it to the end.