Aug 26, 2015

30 Days of Birth Pangs - Day 12 Rushing to and fro

Daniel 12:4 But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there,

Most of the time when we look at this passage we speak of travel.  While that is evident, obviously we are able to travel far more effectively and efficiently than in days past... even tonight I write this blog 300 miles from home, but what else is there here?  Let's look at this from a different angle.

Frantic Trading
The financial markets are collapsing... well, DUH!  There is nothing propping up this global house of cards.  Companies are not run efficiently, effectively, or profitably - that the stock market has been above 10,000 is absolute fairy tale land.

I've worked in corporate America - it's smoke and mirrors.  Optics as an astute colleague pointed out to me a few months ago.  It's all about how the reports look, all about your KPI's, all about how things look on paper....

And that is the crux of the matter, it's all about how everything looks.  People, rulers, companies, medicine, megachurchs - it's all appearances, nothing is what it appears to be; it's as if we have collectively fallen down the Rabbit Hole.  There is a lot of "activity", people are busier than ever, they multitask and get less done than before.

The KJV calls it rushing to and fro...  The markets are frantic right now and they should be.  Parents rush around frantic and feeding their kids garbage from one activity to the next.  We watch TV while texting and reading a magazine... we rush everywhere and get nothing accomplished.

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Rushing to and fro - Day 12 - Rapture Index Score: 10 of 10
Total to date:  105 out of 120 or 87.5%