May 29, 2015

The Laodicean Church and the Great Deception

Who is the Laodicean Church?  The last church mentioned in the Revelation role call of the churches Chapters 2 and 3.  This will be the last great church born of the Church age and corresponds directly with the Emergent or Community Church.  The Bible says they are neither hot nor cold and the Lord is disgusted with them and spits them out of his mouth.  They say they have everything, that they are rich but the Lord says they are naked and wretched. (See past work on Modern Laodicea).

What is the Great Deception?  This is the lie that the Lord sends to people who have heard the Gospel and hardened their hearts against it prior to the Rapture.  The Bible says that because they have refused to believe the truth, God sends them a deception and they will believe the lies of the Anti-Christ.  (See past work The Great Deception and Days of Awe)

The Rapture will be the biggest world wide miracle the Planet has seen since the Flood.  How then might the Anti-Christ fool those left behind?  What could he possibly put forward that would cover why the Christians and the children are all gone?
Mega Church designed for Unbelievers
He's had thousands of years to work this out, don't forget he is the father of lies, and has deceived the whole world.  I put forth that he also will take/abduct non-believers in conjunction with the Rapture.  Think about it for a second, you are a member of a church.  You faithfully attend, you tithe, you pack lunches for the poor but you and your church are still here.  Your unbelieving co-worker, who you've tried to get to come to church with you, is missing also.  Then the broadcasts start where we see all sorts of "missing" men and women on "space ships" or "new lands" assuring us that they are okay and so thankful to have been chosen.

The first Sunday after the disappearances you head to church and the pastor says, "There has been no Rapture!  Look we are still here.  You've seen the news clips, the people have been removed to a safe place by our new friends who have come to save us."

In the coming days, the church leaders that are left will join together and proclaim their unity.  The one world church will be formed and these, that have been left behind, will be as sheep to the slaughter.

Attending a church does not make you believer.  These new churches are designed to appeal to the unbeliever, the gospel they preach is watered down and false, and there are millions of people who think they are Christians but are not.  They want the bread without the blood.

In the days after the Rapture, the Lord will appear at the door and knock.  Instead opening the door, falling on their knees, and repenting, they will respond with the classic Jilted “Bride” song, “I will survive.” *

*Note, when I was praying about this blog, it was late at night and I was walking in my quiet neighborhood.  Out of no where I heard the Lord whisper in my spirit, "They have always wanted the bread without the blood." (John 6:26 and John 6:51-52)  I stopped in my tracks, it is so true.  As I walked on my heart hurt for those lost in dead churches and out of no where and I mean no where, a haunting line of "I will survive" boomed through the air and I felt him again whisper in my spirit, "This is the song they will sing to me."