May 27, 2015

Waiting on the Due Date

Very Pregnant Lady
Abigail and Dolley readers I've been contemplating Birth Pangs and waiting on the Lord.  I've written about this for years; from a plaintive cry in May 2011, to Warning Signs in 2013, to the Convergence of Signs in Sept 2014.  I was hit anew with the realization that the labor pains are coming fast and furious now.  Anyone who has ever eagerly awaited the birth of a child knows what this feels like, the waiting is long.

From the moment of conception, it becomes a hope.  As the baby takes root and the test results are positive, the loved ones and the expectant mother celebrate the happy news.  They settle in to wait.  They plan, they shop, they decorate, they visit the doctors to check on the signs but most of all they wait and wait and wait...  For the Fathers it does not really seem real, for Mothers it is real because we can feel it, we live with it, and waddle with it every day!

Toward the end, rounding the last corner, the final month I thought I would be pregnant forever!  I was bed ridden and grumpy; I was huge and swollen without a definitive due date.  The baby measured much larger than he should have at the first ultrasound so we were not sure if he was due at the end of April or the end of May!  It was terrible - we knew there was a baby coming but we just did not know when.

Because of this ambiguity, the anxiety level began to peak.  This picture was at the end of April, after 6 weeks of bed rest.  I started to lose it contemplating another month.  I cried to my Dad, I just could not stand the thought!  He calmed me down and told me to relax and take it one day at a time.  I remember being irritated at him about that advise!

Finally, they set a date.  In the days leading up the appointment, I was exhilarated that the wait was over but nervous.  Each day it got closer, each day was a new realization that the wait was finally over but it still wasn't quite real.  Driving to the hospital was almost surreal...

What I described is exactly what the Body of Christ is going through now.  We know He is coming, we've been waiting a long time.  The signs are here, the birth pangs are upon us, we just aren't quite sure when the due date is!  We are on bed rest, sick, swollen, and miserable and the thought of going through this indefinitely is just more than we can take.

When I began to study the Festivals, the moedim, the divine appointments it struck my Spirit that God has set the appointment already.  In the fabric of time, from the foundation of the world, the appointment was set we just have to stay strong and take my Dad's advise - one day at a time.