May 16, 2015

The Reluctant Servant

Why do we always assume that God’s calling on our lives is something we hate?  Why have we been regaled with stories of the reluctant man used by God?  Where are the testimonies of people who sought God and He gave them a path that they loved?  The path was something that they were created for and they did not resist?  Why do we think that God’s calling is something we should dread?  Why have we glorified those stories in having glorified them planted within the minds of young and old that God’s calling on our life will automatically be something horrible that we do not want to do?
Struggling with God's Calling
Think for a moment, does this notion jive with what you know about the Living God?  Have you never sought the plan and purpose for your life because you dreaded what god would give you?  I did, and regret my rebellion.  When I finally submitted, when I finally let go, (see Being an Ant) I was blessed some weeks later with my dream job.  It was exactly what I was made for, it was a fulfillment of decades of work, and it was His good work.
God is a Loving Father
Instead of filling young people's heads with "Dreaded Calling", we need to encourage them.  We need to tell them that their Father in Heaven does not call them to drudgery and loathing but to their perfectly suited occupation and life.  I am not saying that it will be easy, because we know that life is not easy, but when you are operating in His will your soul will prosper.  After all, the Word says that we were created for good works, that He foreordained for us to do while we are on this Earth so that we might have His rewards in Heaven.

So, in this Season of Graduations, let me encourage you.  God has not called you to drudgery.  He has called you something perfectly designed for you.  Do not be afraid, He's your Dad.
Accepting God's Calling