Jan 29, 2010

Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family will air an ad on the Super Bowl featuring college football superstar and two time Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow and his mother. The subject of the ad will be "Pro-Choice", in that it will reflect the fact that Tim's Mother Chose to have her baby and not abort him. Pro-abortion groups are seething, of course. You see they don't want people to hear about women who chose life.

NOW and some other group that escapes me, probably named something like "Women of America United for Choice" have said that Focus on the Family promotes violence against women. Now, that is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard. I have to ask, what is an abortion if not violence against women? Is an abortion not violent to the aborted child?

Focus on the Family is a rock solid organization whose work echos throughout the homes of generations of families in this country and across the World. Founder, Dr. James Dobson, is a prolific author, speaker, and teacher his work has guided millions through the cultural quagmire that has been modern day America. By dispensing solid and time tested advise to his listeners, he has equipped them to have successful marriages and to raise children that are a credit to their parents.

From a personal perspective, Dare to Discipline and Raising Boys, books by Dr. Dobson have changed my life and the way I parent. My household is strong and peaceful because of the work of Dr. Dobson. My son isn't too fond of him.... Love Must Be Tough has guided thousands of people through the heart break of divorce. I personally know of five folks who after being abandoned by their spouses regained control of their lives and survived their unwanted divorces through the help and counsel of Dr. Dobson's work.

After recommending The Strong Willed Child to a co-worker, I was embraced the following morning by a mother with tears in her eyes who told me that was the most wonderful book she had ever read. She could not express to me how much it helped her. Until reading Dr. Dobson's work, she felt that she was failing as a parent and that she was alone in her situation. The Strong Willed Child equipped this women with renewed self confidence and gave her a road map to raising her child without breaking her spirit.

From raising healthy children, to helping hurting people, to strengthening marriages, to assisting folks with free telephone counseling, to telling homosexuals there is a way out and helping them get there, to creating fantastic kid's cartoons and programming, to common sense movie, video game, and music reviews, to Citizen Watch political watch dog groups, and so much more - Focus on the Family extends their hand to America and says, "We are here to help you."

You tell me now - which is the destructive force in our world?