Jan 9, 2010

I Like It When I'm Wrong

That may seem like a ludicrous statement, but I actually do like it when I am wrong.  I enjoy honest debate and feel that I grow as a person if I can be open minded enough to realize when someone has a counterpoint that is true.  It is amazing to me the people who are so entrenched in their own opinions that no amount of logic or reasoning will persuade them otherwise.  Much of what we do here at Abigail and Dolley is controversial to the current societal norms, thus there are ample opportunities for others to step in and refute the premise of the articles.

I can not abide word twisting, double talk, and half truths.  It is especially offensive in verbal communication but I find it laughable in written form, since an objective reader can review what is being said and quickly point out the malarkey.  In today's era of electronic media I find it ridiculous that the politicians are able to get away with any of it, what they choose to do instead, when confronted with their own words, is attack the person who is confronting them. 

Barney Frank is by far the best at this ploy.  He is directly responsible for much of the Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae debacle it is irrefutable, yet he maintains that he had nothing to do with it!  There is audio tape by the hour of committee meetings that clearly show his role, yet he maintains he did not play a role in the debacle at all.  His gay lovers have grown pot at his house and run a prostitution ring, yet he claims complete innocence and oblivion to what is going on.  I do not believe that Barney Frank has ever once stood up and taken the blame and responsibly for his actions.   He is an evil, vicious man and a glaring example of what is wrong in our society today.

Perhaps that makes me the polar opposite of Barney Frank, I enjoy learning and growing and admitting when I am wrong.  Nothing diffuses an intense situation faster than acknowledging the other person's point of view.  If we are so attached to our opinions that we are never open to new ideas then we will remain forever as we are right now and in my book if you stop growing, you start dying.