Jan 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Mothers

(The purpose of this tale is to demonstrate how choices we make effect our lives.  Please do not regale me with debate on the circumstances that formed and shaped mother #2.  That discussion is outside of the realm and scope of this piece.)

I want to present to you a tale of two Mothers.  I will play the first mother.  (That is a picture of me and my son when he was a day or so old, I am a heifer there, but he is so adorable...)
When my son was born, I wanted more than anything else in the world to stay home and raise him.  I had fantastic visions of outings to the park, learning to sew, gourmet cooking, and intellectually stimulating sessions with my child, who would of course be brilliant because of all the stimulation he received from Super Mom.  Alas, it did not happen.

I can not convey to you how difficult it was taking him to Day Care and going back to work.  I do not know if I have ever done anything harder in my life.  It was only after the Lord spoke to my heart and affirmed to me that HE loved my son even more than I and HE would be with him while I was away, that I was able to find the strength to do what I had to do.  Why go back, you ask?  Because, you see my son was born with a medical issue that we all knew would eventually require surgery.  My husband was a small business man and we could not go without health insurance, so I went back to work.  I sacrificed, I made the tough choices, I did not ask anyone to take care of me, I did it myself.

We struggled mightily during those Day Care years and as a consequence I never had another child.  I always wanted two kids, but I had to face the hard truth that the timing was never right, the money not there, and in the end I gave up that dream.  As a consequence, I stayed in the work force and now find myself extremely successful.  I work for a great company and enjoy a generous salary and benefits.  I have a Cadillac Health Plan., but I sacrificed for it.  I worked hard, I missed precious moments of my baby's life, I struggled, but I persevered and by the grace of God everything turned out just fine.  

 Now let's take another woman, she had four children and has never worked.  She lives in a lovely house that is paid for completely by alimony and child support.  They live in squalor.  Everyday on my way to work, I see her in her raggedy sweat pants walking the dog.  She lays around her house and Facebooks all day.  Yet, we are regaled by her absolute demand that Health Care is a RIGHT and she should be able to have it for free.

I am sorry, but that just makes me insane!  What has she sacrificed to earn healthcare?  Where am I every morning rushing around like a crazy women to get my son off to school and my butt to my job, while she lazes around her filthy house, drinking coffee, and writing status updates about why we should be giving her something!  Why should I, who has made very tough choices in my life now have to pay for her healthcare?  You give me one good reason why that should happen?  Now, not only will I have to pay for her healthcare, I am going to be taxed out the wazoo for the privilege.

You see, my husband and I are quickly finding ourselves in the "rich" category and will be mightily punished for our success.  How is that right?  It is theft pure and simple and it makes me mad enough to spit nails.

(Pictured:  My son and I after a 10 hour day at the office and two hour commute, painting the rock outside his school for his 8th Birthday.)