Jan 19, 2010

Calling Them Out - John Kerry and Barney Frank

I hate a liar.  I hate a smarmy politician who twists words, misrepresents truth, and tries to scare people.  I really ticks me off when they get away with it.  So, here we go Abigail and Dolley readers - another addition of "Calling Them Out".  Our prevaricators of the day, Mr. John Kerry and Mr. Barney Frank.  On the eve of one of the most important elections in memory, these two were out in full force spreading their misinformation.

Watch the below video and note the strategies conceived and birthed by Saul Alinsky; Rules for Radicals (lots of articles on this site about this subject, check out the label tags to your left) these are flawlessly employed by the left.  Isolate your opponent, marginalize them, ridicule them, demonize them.... If you are pressed for time, watch 0:10 - :21 (Barney Frank) and 1:00 - 1:20 (John Kerry)

Barney Frank - "what does driving a truck have to do with what is going on in Washington?  (Scott Brown has a pick up truck and he and his truck are featured in a campaign commercial about how he has driven himself around the state getting to know the people),
Strategies used:  Ridicule (red neck truck driver) Marginalize (what does he know?)

"Martha Coakley made a mistake by allowing it to become a personality contest rather than contest on the issues.  The Democratic issues are more popular around here and that is why Mr. Brown isn't talking about them."

Strategies used: Demonize - Distancing himself from Coakley if she looses (I never said they don't shoot their wounded...)  Isolate - Mr. Brown is not talking about popular ideas.  Marginalize - Mr. Brown is just a personality.

Now, on to John Kerry - It is one thing for politicians to lie about each other, it is something completely reprehensible and ill advised for them to do this about the American People.  He doesn't come out and say it, but read between the lines.  Kerry infers that Scott Browns campaign is doing the threatening, when the only violence in the campaign has been from Coakley's side shoving reporters around.  Kerry infers that it is outside forces coming into their state, that the people of Massachusetts would never be angry about Washington.  Note, how he pauses on the word Burning..... I was expecting him to say cross, and that is the point!  Do you think that if there were really death threats and people physically going after Coakley and they had proof they wouldn't use every bit of political sympathy they could squeeze out?  

Remember the Tea Party mob commercials?  The complete misrepresentation of American's sick of Big Government?  The Democrats have tried their best to make us into Terrorists and to scare people.  They are so isolated in their Washington back rooms that they are missing it completely,  they are marganizing their electorate.  More people agree with the Tea Party ideals than this Debacle we are seeing in Washington.  Your neighbor is the mob, your co-worker that makes you laugh everyday, the guy in the church pew beside you - these aren't crazy people, these are your neighbors and you know it!  This ill advised strategy will back fire big time, but in the interim, it is an effective tool, because it is ridicule.

Don't be fooled, don't be deceived, don't let them get away with it any more.  Stand firm, speak out, and pray.  May God Bless America!