Jan 24, 2010

A New Voice Shouting From the Wilderness

Perhaps it is my circle of conservative friends, perhaps it is the engagement I am seeing on shows like Glenn Beck, perhaps I am listening to the reasoning of Thomas Sowell, or perhaps I am just seeking information, I can't really say but regardless of the circumstances, I am extremely encouraged by the dialogue going on regarding the future of America.

It seems since the election of Barack Obama that other voices have emerged from the Black Community, in the absence of the voice of Obama, and this time it will not be squashed and silenced.  There is a Conservative voice shouting from the roof tops declaring that there is a better way!  Black leadership and participation in the Tea Parties is scorned and discounted by the media but that is not stopping them.  Conservative Black bloggers and talk show hosts are prolific and persuasive in their logical and impassioned presentation of the facts.

Intellectuals such as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Alan Keyes, among others,  present rational and substantiated information on what has occurred in the Black Family since the "Great Society".  The figures are stunning and should serve as a wake up call to all rational and thinking people in America.  The Black family has been utterly destroyed by Government "Assistance".  In 1980, 12% of black children were being raised in single parent homes.  Today, 70% of children born to Black women are born out of wedlock.  The complete absence of fathers in the black community has left a gaping void where no one has taught this generation how to be a man.  No one has modeled the behavior that is so crucial to all boys on what it takes to be a good man. This is of course true for all, who are being raised with the absence of a strong father, this tragedy crosses all racial boundaries.

There is another voice from less political men of a different generation are declaring that the culture of ignorance, ebonics, and insolence will lead to ruin.  Bill Cosby has been a crusader against the societal norm that says if a child does well in school that they are "Acting White".  Even the "Pants on the Ground" General Larry Platt, who by all accounts is a Liberal Democrat, is declaring to the world that folks need to pull their pants up!

The one group that I am sorely disappointed in is the Black Preacher!  (I am going to generalize here and recognize that there are a lot of exceptions to this.)  Of course Jackson and Sharpton are prime examples, but there are perhaps thousands of these men behind pulpits today.  They, who hold the power and the answers through real faith in Jesus Christ are more concerned with influence, position, and money than they are in telling their parishioners what is right.  They stand at the holy pulpit and promote Liberal Democratic candidates whose policies are in direct contradiction of the gospel they are supposed to be preaching.  They sit back in silence while the genocide of abortion engulfs their congregations.   These men are wolves in sheep's clothing and I would not want to be one of them on Judgment Day, for they have much to answer for in God's eyes.

Far from doing anything to alleviate the plight of generations of blacks caught in the bondage to the government, the first "Black" President (I put that in quotes because, in fact, he is actually the first bi-racial President) the Liberal and Progressive policies seek to further enslave the dependent class. Ironically, while they are promoting policies that keep the Black Community in the ghetto they preach the gospel of antipathy toward those who would seek to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

I pray for these Black leaders speaking out and standing strong in the face of criticism and cat calls of "Uncle Tom", for it will not be my voice that makes a difference, but theirs.