Jan 23, 2010

Why Does Left Wing Talk Radio Fail?

With the demise of Air America this week, I have been contemplating talk radio.  Why is Left leaning talk radio a dismal failure, when Right leaning talk radio is a phenomenal success?  I am always amazed at the lefties that will call into conservative talk radio shows and try to argue with the hosts.  Invariably, they will say they listen to the show all the time and then they will add some disclaimer such as, the show lets them know what they should be against or some other such banal excuse.  The fact remains that they ARE listening, yet very few listen to the Left when they go on the same airwaves.  Why?  I mean there is certainly no shortage of Left leaning broadcasts, movies, and shows - why does Left talk radio fail?

I think I know the answer.  The difference is that left leaning movies, TV shows, and "news" programs are subtle in their message.  They frame it with humor or language or drama, it is the underpinning, but the audience is never asked to validate or confirm the opinion.  It seeps into their conscience without careful analysis in the harmless guise of fun or information.  Direct participation in the process by the recipient is not required.

Talk radio on the other hand is a straight forward presentation of ideas and information that necessarily requires blunt and clear communication.  Successful talk radio of course requires callers and others to debate the subject matter.  When confronted head on with what the lefties believe in and want to do the American people recoil in disgust.  When the lies and the spin and the agenda are not cloaked in subterfuge, they are rejected by all but the most rabid of lefties.

I have XM radio in my car and know exactly what and who are on during my morning and evening commute.  Ironically, the station that hosts Glenn Beck in the AM is the same one that hosts left leaning Randi Rhodes at night.  Inevitably, I get in my car, proceed out of the parking lot with this harridan spouting lies full blast over my speakers.  I physically cringe at the sound.  I have actually forced myself to try and listen on a few occasions to see what the other side is saying and I honestly just can't stomach it.   

How can liberals confess to regularly listening to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and I can not abide 5 minutes of Randi Rhodes?  Are they stronger than I am some how?  No, I don't believe that is the case.  I believe the liberals are able to listen, even though they disagree, because they are for the most part listening to the truth.

Everyone has that spot planted within them that will respond to the truth.  The truth is compelling and fills a missing part in your soul.  Lies on the other hand make one recoil, we know instinctively when someone is a liar.  Leftist talk radio is full of the bare bones lies they try to portray as truth.  Even those that agree with it find it unpalatable.