Dec 20, 2016

30 Day Jesus Challenge - Day 20 The Holy Ghost

I agree with Pastor Ross Rhoads who proclaimed one Sunday that he liked the name Holy Ghost vs. the more modern Holy Spirit.  "The Ghost" he proclaimed in a loud booming voice!  "The Ghost":  mysterious, powerful, and evoking reverential fear in the Believer and terror in the heart of the damned.  The Third person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost is at once the most familiar to a believer and the most unknown.

The Holy Ghost
The Wind, the Fire, the Omniscient Presence of God, the Helper.  The sealing of the Christian with the physical presence of the Holy Ghost is a mystery most will never contemplate.  If at some point along this journey, you have believed in your head and accepted with your heart, the sealing of the Holy Ghost is the completion of your faith.

Pray - Holy Spirit, I ask you to come into my heart.  Help me to live the life you want me to live.  Convict me of my sins and give me the power I need to walk with you in this dark world.